Tuesday, September 17, 2013

#iTOMB - "It's so New York"

#iTOMB Jan (Australia) 09.06.13

As comments go, we hear a lot. And a lot the same, or similar. For the life of the I Think Outside My Box project, the most common is, "Thank you. Thank you for doing what you are doing" - as if I have uncovered some insatiable thirst for people to simply unhinge, take a break, be free, say what they want - and leave in peace. And just by painting. In a beautiful park. Who knew?

Frankly, this blows me away. Are we such a repressed society that we are now not accustomed to expressing ourselves, either through speech or art or song or - uh, maybe sex? - that a small bit of painting becomes respite in such their cruel world?

One day I found a $100 bill tucked in an obscure place in the exhibit with the note, "Thank you" written on it. Even when I'm not paying attention, or just generally managing the crowd, people slip me tens and twenties and say the same - they thank me.

And for what? I'm nothing in their lives. I'm just some guy on the street (ok, an elevated street)  - and no, I'm not getting rich off this. In too many financial ways, I am poorer for it.

But I can't deny the reality that, in the execution of this community endeavor, I never have a bad day.

Never. And never does it seem, that anyone else does either. And if I were looking for financial reward, I'm smart enough to know that getting your paintbox out and hitting the streets, probably isn't the formula that's going to shoot me over the top of the New York socio/cultural/career,  make-an-f-load-of-money scene anyway. But that isn't the point. So what is?

"Thank you. Thank you for doing what you are doing"

"It's so New York"

"What a great idea"

"How Charles and Rae Eames"

"Did anybody ever tell you, you look like David Bowie?"

"Wow, I needed that - that's the most peace I've had all week"

"I've never seen anything like this in the world"

That's the point. It's so New York.

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