Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Every picture tells a story: #iTOMB 2015 Limited Edition Framed Prints

Framed prints, on acid free paper are now available for a donation of $100. To order, simply email me here, and add $10 for shipping in the US and $20 for international. They are absolutely special:)

#iTOMB Jessi (Spain) 05.11.15
"I looked at all the work here and thought it was too nice.
You needed a monster."

20,000+ paintings and counting, and over three seasons we've seen not only themes emerge but individual and collective stories that start to paint a picture of humankind unlike any seen on mainstream media or even documented by any art museum. Because these artworks are from the heart, from the gut, of a global constituency that comes together to voice themselves into history by exercising their freedom to create.

iTOMB Holden 05.01.15
I don't know what it is about mushrooms this year. And we're getting a lot.
Last year and three years ago we had none. What tends and why?
These are the questions we all ask as we track the ideas of the planet.

My selections for 2015 are not my personal favorites, rather they are a reflection of the trends that run throughout the planet and permeate the virtual skin of society on any number of levels. They are the epitome of Public Art. Art created by the public - not art selected by art administrators for the public to consume.

#iTOMB Shea 09.13.15
One of our categories is "affirmations", things that build you up and make you feel good.
This one does both but causes questions and support from both sides. I love it.

#iTOMB Jamie 09.14.15
Probably our most repeated image is the eye. The window to the soul, so to speak.
Why so many people paint the eye is a mystery to me.
But it peeks out of the stacks of paintings and peers at us all. Every day:)
Please support us this holiday season. A few years ago we weren't sure we'd be here today. Thank a higher being for making sure we are. Many of you understand my housing difficulties. Your donation and adoption of one of our recreations is an absolute Godsend. Peace.

#iTOMB Matthew B. "Starry NY Night" 10.18.15
And finally, our second most painted image, after the eye, would be the New York Skyline.
But another is "Starry Night". This combination is both deliberate and delicious.
So be it.