Thursday, September 21, 2017


Wow. I haven't posted in almost a year. But what a year it's been. A year that has seen us grow to five years old on the High Line. I can't thank every single contributor and painter enough for making #iThinkOutsideMyBox a global community institution in Chelsea. Five years. 20,000+ paintings from more than 100 countries and a vibrant future in store. Freedom of speech and expression live.

Please join us on 24 September, 17, on the High Line @ 22nd St. from 2pm - 9 for our fifth anniversary exhibition. We'll be showing five years of curated public art, two gallery structures, as well as three communally created sculptures, along with the music from Matthew Christian on violin, Lawrence Wilson, on bass and Rob Allen on guitar, so far.. We'll also be shooting film and photographs all day, so plan on multi-media fun, and maybe a picnic:) I hope to see you there:)