iThinkOutsideMyBox™ [#iTOMB] and David Everitt-Carlson are available for private bookings in entertainment, education, corporate motivation, museums and healing through the arts. 

Different from our work in public, we've expanded the concept to non-profit events, private parties, schools and corporate motivational programs – and are competitively priced for each application. See our services below and contact David for more details.

The portable studio and gallery is completely mobile and can be assembled anywhere, indoors or out, in just an hour. Aside from painting, the activity also features music, conversation and social engagement facilitated by David who dovetails seamlessly with the group to encourage everyone's creative experience.

#iTOMB at Penny Harvest's 'Run for Change'
Non-Profit/Fundraising Events: From The Pasos Peace Museum, a primarily adult target, to the student run philanthropic enterprise, Penny Harvest, iThinkOutsideMyBox™ has helped with both fundraising and group rewards by providing an activity that is both newsworthy and creative. #iTOMB brings an invitation and permission to create to your guests by encouraging both team building and individual accomplishment through painting together

#iTOMB at Rubulad – 2015
Private Events/Parties: Imagine a Brooklyn warehouse full of laser light, Burlesque dancers, a fully operational carousel, DJ's, 16mm vintage film projections, fire-throwers, a full band and #iThinkOutsideMyBox in the middle of it all, painting and you've got Rubulad – Brooklyn's indoor underground Burning Man for over 20 years. 

We also do more quieter affairs and would be happy to do a wedding if one comes up. We'll even wash and decorate your car included in the the booking fee:) Private events are more fun with interactivity. Let us customize a creative social interaction for your party, anywhere you choose.

David Everitt-Carlson with McCann Erickson
Corporate Creative Motivation: Along with the creation of #iTOMB, David is also an accomplished public speaker, presenter and creative leader. As the Chief Creative Officer at both Leo Burnett and his own firm, David has managed and facilitated creative growth in advertising, education and the non-profit arenas his entire career.

McCann Erickson
The photo above is from an interactive Powerpoint presentation, utilizing the history of #iThinkOutsideMyBox, created for McCann Erickson, America's largest global advertising agency. In this incarnation, David performed in silhouette as the slide show unfolded, rear-projected, around him – a theatrical device that underscored the creative point behind this confidential presentation. Whatever your business, creativity ads intelligence, depth and #iThinkOutsideMyBox thinking to your senior management's repertoire. We're happy to discuss programs from one day to months to jumpstart your staff's creative engines.

Education/Academic: This summer #iTOMB is pleased to be participating in South X South Orange, a three day festival celebrating the creativity of Art, Tech and Music. Sponsored by Seton Hall University and the South Orange Center for the Performing Arts this event ads to our university experience joining David's past interactive lectures on creativity at Columbia, Northwestern, Southern Illinois University, Southern Methodist University, Yonsei University in Korea, The Korea National University of Art and Vietnam National University.We've also worked with New York's NEST+m k-12 and prepared assorted private classes for special needs students. David will happily tailor a program that fits educational needs for all ages.

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