#iThinkOutsideMyBox (#iTOMB) was born on 6 October, 2011 in Zuccotti Park, Manhattan as a performance art and community outreach vehicle supporting Occupy Wall Street.

As a solution to signs he had made being constantly blown away or rained upon in the park, artist David Everitt-Carlson settled upon using a box instead of flat cardboard whilst sitting inside and painting activist communications. #iTOMB was first featured in the Wall Street Journal on 7 October, 2011.

Over the course of the next 48 days, he painted all of 12 panels, each with a different theme and began to branch out into individual smaller signs that could be used by other participants for a small donation.

On 21 July, 2012 David's ITOMB performance art was featured at the Munch Gallery in New York as part of "Up Against It", a show depicting societal struggle.

Today #iTOMB is a global interactive studio and gallery that encourages self expression by 'engaging the public in public art' and continues in New York on The High Line at 22nd St. Contact here for more information.


  1. Today I took a moment to step out of my box and paint where the artist paints. And it became a breath of fresh air, something from my regular norm. You see, I could have been busy just passing by, but my curiosity took me... viewing the collective art of "Out Side My Box" and then painting... it created a moment for me. Once I started to paint, eventually others then came around to paint or view instead of simply passing by or remaining distant onlookers. One took a moment out of her life to paint. Before and after, another was engaged and smiling about this art. We were all vibrant participants, brush stokes on this canvas of life called 14th street New York lobby area of 8th ave. We all took a breath together, breathing in life and exhaling the breeze now made easier through this refreshment of art. Our marks will be left there. Just as David is leaving his mark by not allowing life to define him, but defining life through art.

    One Life- More Joy- The POWER of ART By Artist M