Thursday, September 26, 2013

Introducing the sm@rt cart - a better urban utility vehicle!

The sm@rt cart is an urban utility vehicle made from repurposed materials. Designed in Harlem, New York City, the sm@rt handles shopping, laundry and utility tasks much more efficiently and sturdily than standard carts. Using completely repurposed materials - shopping cart baskets married to baby stroller frames - the sm@rt carries hundreds of pounds effortlessly and fits store aisles, elevators and subways with ease.

Originally designed to carry the iThinkOutsideMyBox project and manufactured in Harlem, USA, the sm@rt also helps by not only repurposing discarded materials and providing work to those who need it, but by providing a superior service vehicle to you - creating a win/win for all.

sm@rt carts are all custom made and can be configured to any requirements.

Example: If you are a photographer needing a custom carrying solution for street work, work panels, drawers, Mac video viewing portal, etc, we can manufacture to your specs. For street sales, service (plumbing, electrical, etc.) sm@art carts travel in streets, subways, trains and trucks with ease.


#iThinkOutsideMyBox operates as a non-profit providing a creative think tank, public arts programmes and supporting the under-employed through sm@rt carts. Your donations keep us doing well. Thank you:)


Let us know how we can design a solution for your future:) See our Etsy shop for all designs.

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