Wednesday, October 17, 2012

#iTOMB: Work of the Week 10.01.12

#iTOMB.Yeheli (12) (Israel) 10.05.12

The week of 01 October produced not only more pure genius but some genuine emotion as well. Above, my favourite from our painting sessions on The Highline in NYC for the week. At just 12 years old, Yeheli from Israel, shows an artistic wisdom far beyond his years. Whipping this gem off in about 10 minutes he proudly presented it to me, saying offhandedly, "All the paitings at MoMA look like that". Geez. Out of the mouths of babes:)

Also in the show this week (see below) our first engagement! Painting quietly and quickly, Su Hyun made me promise not to reveal the subject of her painting to her boyfriend, Hong Gyu. After I photographed it she stole the work away to her pocket - the answer to a question she had been asked earlier in the weekend:) For his part, Hong Gyu painted a bright and bouncy letter "M" - to signify her English name, Mary. Who knew that love could bloom at a funny painted box in the middle of a frenetic city? How sweet. Thank you all, artists, for continuing to amaze me and the viewers of the world:)

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