Friday, October 26, 2012

#iTOMB for the Pasos Peace Museum

David and #iTOMB for the Pasos Peace Museum at the Riverdale Arts Festival
On October 14th, #iTOMB began a new chapter in Interactivism by working with the Pasos Peace Museum to activate a new fundraising effort for the non-profit. Named, "Be the Change You Wish to See", the effort featured by myself and #iTOMB painting with children and adults alike for the afternoon at the Riverdale Arts Festival in the far North Bronx, New York. Working with museum board member Lisa Brandon-Colon the #iTOMB concept was used to bring an interactive element to a festival that otherwise mostly consisted of displays of art with little chance to actually make any. "Your activity is great.", said Lisa and the afternoon produced more than 30 paintings, all brilliant in their own interpretation but more importantly, important because of the experience they provided their creators.

This Saturday I am pleased to bring #iTOMB and our special brand of Interactivism to NEST+m, New York’s premier K-12 public school for Gifted & Talented students for a Halloween Festival - and don't think I'm not just a little scared, about letting NYC's best and brightest show me up just a little:-) Nah, but 500 smart kids can be a little spooky even without the costumes, right? Should you know of an event or organisation that could use the spirit, activity and creative fun of #iTOMB, please let me know. As Frankenstorms approach and the weather turns less hospitable, we're ready to head indoors to keep the brushes and ideas flying. 

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