Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Date Nite at #iThinkOutsideMyBox

Date Nite at #iThinkOutsideMyBox – Choose your appetizer, music mix and paint!

For those of you who have painted at #iThinkOutsideMyBox in the evenings, especially near sunset, you know how magical the atmosphere can be. Add candles, the right music, an appetizer of your choice and the entire exhibit to yourself and you've got the start of a great night out before a show, a full dinner or clubbing in Chelsea. 

For the next few weeks, while the weather is still pleasant, you can reserve the #iThinkOutsideMyBox experience for yourself and that someone special – to paint privately, in one of the most elegant parks in the world, the High Line in Chelsea. Simply contact me and work out the details. From there it's worry free. Your experience be 60 - 90 minutes of peace in a parklike atmosphere 3 levels above the bustling city and unlike any other in town.

A p p e t i z e r s : 

From Chelsea Market all the way up to 22nd St., The High Line is surrounded by some of the best food in the world, be it Sushi, Italian, French, Artichoke Pizza, a simple cheese plate or New York Burger sliders. 
We'll discuss and have the best available for your evening.

M u s i c : 

Our daily mix at the studio is deliberately loungey and esoteric with everything from The Flaming Lips to Taylor Swift, Pat Metheny, Steely Dan, Nipsey Hustle, Tony Bennett, Zeppelin, Miles Davis, Dawes and Ringo – but from our large library, evenings can be tailored to Jazz, Classical, Hip Hop or Sock Hop, whatever. Your choice.

Contact me to help design the perfect live experience for you. Our options are all reasonably priced and I look forward to many beautiful fall nights for that to be taken full advantage of:) A night of outside your box experiences is exactly what you need this Autumn.

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