Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Flash: Rubulad!

#iThinkOutsideMyBox @ Rubulad!
Rubulad! It's a dance party! CLick the link. It's an art party! 

It's food and spirits and gypsies and hooded provocateurs and in Williamsburg, no Bushwick, NO, it's secret, and DJs and live music and projections and reflections and rejections [NOT] maybe introspections and iThinkOutsideMyBox™. ClIck the link. CliCk the link. ClicK the link and come paint your Valentine dreams - or not. #iTOMB is proud to join with the Rumulad caravan for 'a spy in the warehouse of love' party. CLick the link before Saturday, 9pm til late/early. 10 clams/early, 20 clams/late. CliCk the link. Say 'going'. Say 'going'. No 'maybe'. cLick the link! Learn the secret heartshake:)

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