Monday, October 27, 2014

engaging the public in public art℠

#iThinkOutsideMyBox™ engaging the public in public art

I woke up this morning to a wonderful note from a visitor to the project in my email that said, 

"I sent this note to the friends of the High Line. It was great to see your project – 'In iThinkOutsideMyBox, David is adding a whole new experience to the High Line by creating a space for self expression.'"

And it reinforced a lot of what I have been telling myself this week in writing grant proposals for #iThinkOutsideMyBox. That for all the public art projects that are funded, curated and executed in the city's public spaces – including those of the High Line park itself, #iTOMB is the only one that is consistently interactive, consistently engaging the public, and pretty much, consistently championing the First Amendment. And that makes us very unique.

Choose your prints
This year I'm hoping that we can secure a number of grants that will allow us to expand the project, primarily on the Internet, but until then (grants tend to fund  up to one year after application) we are still totally reliant on your support for growth and sustenance.

To make donations more attractive, for every $100 committed, you can choose from our library, two limited edition prints that will be signed, museum mounted and ready for framing in standard 8"X10"frames. With the holidays coming up, these prints represent a real value in fine art and are an absolute bargain if you've shopped art lately:)  To choose your prints, simply view any of the slideshows on this page, copy the title and date of your selection, and then email me to finalize details.

I thank all you you for your kind words and encouragement. There are exciting new developments on the horizon including a possible museum partnership and a a very nice story on the project for an English gardening magazine, of all things. So we'll just keep calm, and carry on:)

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