Sunday, September 14, 2014

Giclée Prints on Acid-Free Paper Now Available

Our great thanks to Mary in Hong Kong for supporting #iThinkOutsideMyBox from the very beginning - and also for being the first to contribute and receive lovely prints of her choosing from our gallery. Prints (2) are now available for $100 donation + shipping and handling*.

Readying Mary's prints for shipping to Hong Kong

As has always been our policy, the paintings made and gifted to #iTOMB will never be sold. They become part of the largest collection of publicly painted work in the world. But as a way to support our organization, we do offer prints in return for donations to the project.

Giclée prints are lasered on acid-free, water colour paper and mounted to shadow-raised, corrugated cardboard, affixed to an 8.5"X11"acid-free, water colour backing sheet - ready to frame in a standard 8"X10" frame. Prints are numbered 1/1 as each is a handcrafted original and signed and dated.

#iThinkOutsideMyBox operates as a non-profit foundation and is currently in application for 501(c)3 non-profit status. 

To select your print, either look in the lower lefthand sidebar for our Gallery, NYC Skyline, Modern, etc. slide shows - or go to the timeline slideshows by year in the righthand sidebar.  Note the name and date of your selected prints - choose your donation method, tax deductible (Fractured Atlas),  or standard (PayPal), then email me with your print title and mailing information. And Voi La, your prints are on the way.

With winter coming and #iTOMB being somewhat of a seasonal activity, ordering prints is a fabulous way to support us through the colder months. We thank you all and look forward to hanging on your wall as the Holiday season approaches:)

* $10 shipping and handling/US, $20/International

Signed, sealed, delivered. 09.13.14 (cardboard frame is packing material, not matt)

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