Tuesday, April 29, 2014

#iThinkOutsideMyBox: Season II

Slideshow by Sedef and Zesty Moments

If we considered the fall of 2012 our pilot year, and 2013 our first season we have now moved into Season II in 2014, right along with Madmen and the start of the baseball season. And what a start it has been. Thanks to Sedef of Zesty Moments for the slideshow above and nice review below.

"David Everitt-Carlson is a one man activity center/activist who provides anyone interested in participating with paints and a 3x3 cardboard square to create whatever they are inspired to do. His project, iThinkOutsideMyBox is a community engagement art activity that should be in museums! He has over 10,000 paintings that have been created by visitors since 2012.  It is such an phenomenal project that all I can say is 'You have to see it for yourself!'"

#iTOMB Gallery.Sedef. 04.26.14
And it's just this sort of reaction that can only come from those who see it. It's just not the same if I tell you about it. Sedef continues:

"There was one little girl, Pema, who lay on her stomach for half an hour, moving from one side of the exhibit to the other, trying to see it all at eye-level. My thought was - What a great dollhouse this would be... I think I will try to build one for my little niece as soon as she is a little bit older.  As I watched grown people sit on the ground and paint miniature works of art and Pema's fascination with what was on display, I was imagining something like this in MOMA or the Guggenheim.  After asking Pema which one was her favorite and establishing it was a painting of a star, I decided to paint her another star to take home. So, I sat on the ground and painted a yellow star for a 20 month old girl who definitely has an eye and a heart for art. It was the perfect way to end a day dedicated to experiencing art slowly."

Now, if only MoMA or the Guggenheim could imagine this as well:) I continue to pursue our 501(c)3 application for non-profit status and to grow our conversations with both the Children's Museum of the Arts and the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. Should any readers have contacts at MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Whitney or others, I'd appreciate the introductions.

But that's not exactly how Season II began. Over a month ago, on one of the first nice days of spring, our season actually began with a visit from the Park Enforcement Police and a summons issued for Unauthorized Vending and while this sort of harassment has become commonplace over the last year, the Captain let me know that he was under pressure from his superiors to "crack down" on more artists and performers and that was why I was being summonsed – not really because I was breaking any law.

This morning I appeared in court to dispute the charges and was issued the following statement by the presiding Judge:

"I find the Respondent is not a vendor within the meaning of 56 RCNY 1-05, since he does not sell, offer for sale, hire or lease or let anything and does not expressly provide services in exchange for any donation".

And with that, hopefully, we'll be off to a full 2nd season of art making, community engagement and growing this concept as fully as it will grow:) Thank you all.

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