Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thank You For Your Support

Moving Forward
Our first day of 2014 turned out to be Super Bowl Sunday and a perfectly fine day for painting at 48 degrees in the middle of an otherwise brutal New York winter. It felt good. It felt great. Somehow, the the painting grounds me. As many of you know, the last few years have been at least, challenging for me. But somehow the #iThinkOutsideMyBox project has remained as a growing and steady concern. A source of inspiration and strength of human spirit - yours and mine. Thank you all. For helping me grow what is now, the world's largest collection of publicly painted work at nearly 10,000 paintings. And a lightening rod for painters from all over the world.

But the project has now outgrown me in terms of man-hours vs income. Last year we sustained a blow from a parks department law that drastically cut our donations, while our collection continued to grow - so quickly that I have only been able to convert around 2000 of our nearly 10,000 images to the website. The paintings are safely stored and cataloged but I will need help to put them on the web - and in reality a new more stable, wider bandwidth website with more interactive and search capabilities.

So this winter, I'm taking a break. A break to finish our 501(c)3 application and begin to apply for arts and education grants. I'd also like your thoughts on our launching a Kickstarter campaign to help us launch our foundation. I believe the #iTOMB project to be unique in being a truly focused self expression vehicle that does not exist anywhere else. Only in New York.

Would you contribute financially to our growth? Or possibly become a board member with a voting and directional share? Let me know what level of involvement would be important to you. Please leave your comments below.

Otherwise, I'm expanding into other work. Click the DEC Communications tab above and see our full line of communications services from Socially Responsible marketing to staff training. I look forward to more painting this year, and growing beyond the High Line to museums and other applications, but I most look forward to seeing you, and thanking you for giving me a sense of purpose in the world of art as a means of self expression. Happy New Year:)

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