Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Everyone Hearts NY a Little Differently

Anon family (Spain) 08.26.13
Everyone sees New York a little differently. Some from afar, some from deep down in the bowels of the beast and others from other places. But all from some point of awe or amazement or sometimes confusion. It's just that way. It's so New York. 

As usual, any contribution of $100 (add $10 for shipping and handling) entitles you to a signed, numbered print of your choosing on museum quality, acid-free paper from the New York Gallery below. 

To order, simply choose your donation method, tax deductible (Fractured Atlas),  or standard (PayPal), then email me with your print title and mailing information. 

Always know that your contributions help us through the cooler months and keep the community experience of #iThinkOutsideMyBox alive. Thank you.

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