Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The World's Largest Collection of Handpainted Works (#iTOMB) Now Lives on The High Line

When you have 500, that's a lot. And a thousand is a lot more. But now, with our first anniversary approaching in September, the iThinkOutsideMyBox project is nearing 5000 individual painted works - and 90 some-odd % of those have been made on The High Line in New York City, an old elevated railway, converted to a city park and, in a little corner - a pop-up public painting studio:)

 #iTOMB Painted by a visitor identified only as "U" 08.12.13

And still, we don't have a day where people don't tell me how much they loved the experience, or found relaxation, or a moment alone, or a larger peace - or always something good. It's a fairly amazing project. But am I amazed by the numbers? I don't think so - because I don't think that quantity matters here. What seems to matter to virtually everyone who participates, is some aspect of quality. Quality of life I believe. And that's an awfully hard metric to quantify. So we don't try to.

But if you have visited the #iTOMB project and would like to pass on a nice word (or not:-) or encourage a public exhibition of the work we've collected, please do send The High Line an email, or maybe a good old fashioned snail-mail:) here > Friends of the High Line, 529 West 20th Street, Suite 8W, New York, NY 10011 - Ph: (212) 206-9922  Fax: (212) 206-9118 Email : 

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