Monday, January 14, 2013

El Anatsui Live On The Highline

On the High Line I locate normally at 22nd St. After working in a number of places in the park last fall, iTOMB finally settled on this spot for its tranquility, space, lack of wind and general pleasantness for painting and creating. Then along came a lovely neighbor.

Enter El Anatsui and his installation Broken Bridge II that originally debuted in Paris in 2012. His largest installation to date of recycled press tin (otherwise called rubbish) and mirrors, the installation began last fall and was finished after Hurricane Sandy. I was fortunate to be able to meet him as he came to direct the finishing touches and it's funny; the work we do at iTOMB is so small and his so large, yet when two artists stand on the same plane and do what they do, the people who participate, either by viewing or creating, are affected in a similar way. Minds open. Art speaks. People listen. And when we're lucky, they sing along.

Installation view of Broken Bridge, 2012 Paris Triennial 2012, le Palais de Tokyo,Paris
April 20–August 26, 2012. Photo by Erik Lasalle

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